School Staff

Our school staff play an essential role in ensuring St. Augustine’s is a safe, healthy and effective place for children to learn. They are well established, sharing the vision and upholding the ethos which is embedded in school life.

We also work closely with outside agencies such as educational psychologists and occupational therapists as necessary to support the development of the children.

Teaching Staff
Miss M Kelliher Headteacher
Miss B Carr Deputy Headteacher
Mr G Biggs Assistant Headteacher / SENCO
Miss V Sinnott Year 6 Teacher
Miss C Pham Year 5 Teacher
Miss H O’Rourke Year 4 Teacher
Mr G Biggs Year 3 Teacher
Mrs A Peebles Year 2 Teacher
Miss E Tyman Year 1 Teacher
Miss E Abril Reception Teacher
Ms R Gavin Music Teacher
Ms A Burnett Drama Teacher
Ms C Defrin Dance Teacher
Ms M Wright Gymnastics Teacher
Mrs M Gonzalez-Penalver Spanish Teacher
Support Staff
Miss T Morris School Business Manager
Mrs R Bailey Site Manager, Midday Meals Supervisor
Mrs R Mackenzie Early Years Educator
Mrs N Douglas Teaching Assistant,  Senior Midday Meals Supervisor, Administrative Assistant
Miss T Thomas Teaching Assistant/Learning Support Assistant, Uniform Co-ordinator
Mrs D Pratt Teaching Assistant
Ms B Todorova Special Support Assistant
Ms S Venti Special Support Assistant, Midday Meals Supervisor, Administrative Assistant
Ms S Dyson Special Support Assistant, Midday Meals Supervisor
Ms K Lloyd Special Support Assistant/Literacy Support
Mrs A Urban-Krein Special Support Assistant
Mrs M G Zenarrutzabeitia Special Support Assistant
 Peripatetic Teachers
Mr M Piconese  Guitar Teacher
Mr G J Bester Piano
Ms E Macleod Piano / Music Theory
Ms H Sanders-Hewett Violin / Music Theory
Ms R Elder Piano