Religious Education

‘Catholic schools are guided in all they do by an important and coherent vision of St Augustineeducation. This vision is based on the truth revealed by God about ourselves, our life together in community and our ultimate destiny with God. This gives rise to an educational endeavour centred on the person of Jesus Christ, who is our Way, Truth and Life.’
Joint Pastoral Letter on Catholic Education, Bishops’ Conference, September 2007

St Augustine’s has adopted the ‘Come and See’ Catholic Primary Religious Education Programme

Come and See is developed through three themes based on the Second Vatican Council, which are gradually explored each time at greater depths. They are Church, Sacrament and Christian living.

a) Church

This theme occurs in each season time as follows

Autumn – my story – my family – Domestic Church
Spring – our story – local community – Local Church
Summer – the story – the worldwide community – Universal Church

b) Sacrament

Autumn – belonging – born into Christ’s life – Baptism
Spring –relating – God’s love in our lives – Eucharist
Summer – inter-relating – service to the community – Reconciliation

c) Christian Living

Autumn – loving – celebrating life – Advent Christmas
Spring –giving – the cost of life – Lent and Easter
Summer – serving in love – feasts to celebrate – Pentecost

Each theme is explored through different topics in each age groupYear of Faith Mosaic