Auction Night Success

Dear Parents & Carers,

What a wonderful time was had by all on Friday at our Auction Night. The cocktails flowed, the food was superb and Piers wielded his hammer with flair! Plus we made over £8,000!!!!

I just wanted to say, an enormous THANK YOU to the Auction Committee, the wonderful team behind making this event happen – Natalie, Melissa, Tracey, Alex, Orpha and Dani. For securing amazing Auction and Raffle prizes. Alison, Jamie and Johanna for your bar skills that nearly rivalled the moustached cocktail men! Loulou & Daz from The Pear Tree pub for the amazing food and staff. And of course, Piers for wielding his hammer!

To all those parents that very kindly donated Auction Lots and to Miss Kelliher and Miss Morris for so kindly donating the beautiful Year of Mercy prints.  Thank you all for your generosity.

And my undying gratitude as always goes to Becky & Emily – my partners in crime! These events really would not be possible without you both. You are AMAZING!!!

A huge thank you to everyone that attended the Auction Evening, brought a raffle ticket, made a silent bid, and bid in the live Auction. You all played a part in helping us achieve this phenomenal amount. THANK YOU!

We have the Sports Day coming up where the PTA will be providing refreshments for the children. Hope you’re all wearing lycra and doing your warming up stretches for the mum and dad race!

A special thank you to the Vodafone Foundation for sponsoring one of its staff to volunteer at the event, once again. We really are grateful for their support and generous donation.

Have a great half term!

Love Gemma & PTA Committee