Summer Fair Success

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for making the Summer Fair such a success! The rain held off, the band played and the Pimms flowed!! And I kept my eyes closed as the kids scaled the climbing wall!!!

To the early team of muscle – that unpacked the PTA shed, put up Gazebos, moved tables and then moved them again as I kept changing my mind where things should go!

To those that ran stalls, to the cooks that excelled with the amazing array of International food and to those brave souls that helped clear up afterwards, even though most of us had lost the will to live! The shed has never been packed so well!

To those behind the scene, that have helped for weeks before with midnight Tesco runs (Kelly) North End Road bargains (Charlie & Natalie), Mufti collections (Tatiana, Mario & Richard). To Steff & Lottie for organising the Advertising Boards. To everyone else and there are too many to name individually but thank you for all your help organising, shopping, preparing etc for the Fair. To Ms Kelliher and all the staff that helped out. Especially Miss Morris & Norma for putting up with all my requests before hand!

But most thanks goes to our wonderful site manager Becky and my amazing side kick Emily – who really make the fair possible, I don’t know what we would do without you! It really was a great team effort. And fantastic to have so many helpers. Thank you all for the parts everyone played!

Thank you all for your support and generosity! I promise not to wave my clipboard around at the school gates anymore this year or ask you for anything!! And I promise to let you know how much we raised once Thierre has worked it all out!


love Gemma & The PTA Committee