PTA Diary Dates

Christmas Fair – Friday 11th December 3.30pm – Please put your name down to help out on the day. We need LOADs of Santa’s Elves to make sure the fair is magical and fun for the children. Just e-mail the PTA or grab one of the core PTA members outside school.

Mufti Days – Our first Mufti Day will be this Friday 20th November when the children, by making a donation for the Christmas Fair, get to wear their own clothes. This Friday’s donations are for Toiletries and Vintage Chic! Examples of vintage chic are photo frames, unwanted gifts, pottery etc and Toiletries to sell as Christmas gifts.

Easy FundraisingPLEASE when you buy your Christmas presents on line, sign up to It’s quick and easy to do. Just type in the link when you do your next on line shop and search for ‘St Augustine’s Primary School Hammersmith’ under the listed charities and register your details. It only takes a couple of minutes and you can start raising money while you shop for the school. We get 75p from every Sainsburys shop and 1.5% of your shop with Amazon etc!